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I’m betting that you’ve already Googled yourself, or the name of your business, and have realized that there are listings on “Page 1” that are damaging your income flow, and perhaps are even affecting your personal relationships!

Hey it happens. Whether you had a vindictive ex-employee, an irrational ex-spouse or lover, a neighbor that just doesn’t like the fact that you don’t appreciate their dog’s droppings on your front lawn and you keep calling them out on it. As they say, “shit happens.”

With the Internet being such an easy place for people to wage war on the reputation of others, you have to protect your reputation, and when it’s been tainted, you have to repair it!

In the Internet age, your online reputation is deeply connected to your financial success as well as your success with personal relationship. It’s just to easy for people today to “Google” you and see what is perceived about your background and your character.

So, let’s look at the 3 Things You Can Do to Repair Your Online Reputation:

  1. Stop clicking on those negative links yourself when you’ve Googled yourself or your business. The simple act of clicking on the search result link will increase that page link in future searches. If you really want to read it, don’t click it, retype it in another browser window...or even better, in another browser program. If you’re looking at the search results in a Chrome browser, type in the direct link text in a Firefox, Explorer or Safari browser.

  1. Start creating A LOT of new positive information that is of high quality about you or your company that can start replacing those negative links on Page 1. Though this might sound easy, it isn’t. It’s a lot of work...but isn’t your reputation worth that? So you’ll need to hunker down in your foxhole as this war against the negative results can run long, months even. It will take organization and commitment on your part to make all that BAD STUFF go away. Want some tips on how to do this? We’ve prepared a short document to help you get focused and get going! Click on the link below to get that download!

  1. For many people or companies, that simple fact that time is money leads them to outsourcing this work to professionals...which is the third thing you can do to fix your reputation. Just let someone else, who has the skills and experience, do the work for you. 

Chances are that you’re already dealing with a crisis, which is why you’re here. Your key to success will be employing a company that will work with you to develop a custom approach that is both aggressive and defensive in strategy. A good way to 'test' any reputation repair service is to ask them for a unique analysis of your situation. Really dig into how they plan on addressing your problem, and if they've got a generic scripted approach, it's probably not going to be what you need. With online reputation repair, one size does not fit all. You’ll want a tailored plan, one that is laser-focused on making the biggest positive changes in the most cost-efficient yet time-sensitive speed.

Ultimately, your decision to hire out to a professional comes down to the question, “Can you afford it?” And a salesman would probably counter that question with, “Can you afford NOT to do it?”...implying the loss of business revenue if your online reputation remains damaged. Whichever way you want to look at it, the fact is that you’ll have to tighten your belt and bite the bullet if you choose to hire out the work.

Service costs have a wide range, typically between five thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars...all depending upon “how bad it is”, “how much of it there is”, “what type of quality it is” and “what industry you are in”. Because there are so many variables, this is why you’ll want a custom quote.

Online reputation repair is now big business. You’ll find a lot of companies wanting your business. You’ll find cheap monthly plans and budget-breaking annual ones. Our hope is that you’ll ask us for a quote. We’d like the opportunity to earn your business and believe you’ll find us upfront and honest about what we can do and the expectations you should have.

There is no “magic wand” that makes everything go away tomorrow. In our four years of experience providing reputation repair services, we’ve had many clients come to us after spending thousand of dollars with another company that failed to deliver upon their promises. We’ve helped them and we’d like to do the same for you, helping you save money while making your online reputation shine. Give us a few minutes on the phone to discuss your particular situation and then we’ll create an action plan and cost analysis for you to review. You’re under no obligation. As I said, we’d like the opportunity to earn your business and that starts with a simple phone call.

Call us directly or fill out the form below to arrange an appointment time. We look forward to speaking with you!